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Keeping your home fire safe is the most important concern. Besides, proper dryer operation is one of the factors affecting your fire safety. Clean and clear dryer vent removes extra heat during the operational cycle. On the contrary, if you neglect your vent, you increase the risk of fire.

11 Signs to warn you have problems with your dryer vent

Signs Isn't working properly
1 Wet clothes at the end of the cycle.
2 There is moldy smell in clothing after the drying.
3 Your clothes are too hot after the drying.
4 Increased drying time, which is more than normal (usually it is no more than 40 minutes).
5 It’s too hot in your drying room while operating.
6 Lint and garbage clog the lint dryer filter.
7 There is excessive smell from dryer sheets while operating.
8 The lint trap is full of lint after each cycle.
9 The damper of the dryer vent hood stays closed, partially or fully, while operating.
10 There are lint build-ups onto the outer vent cap.
11 You didn’t service your dryer vent the last year.

Cleaning Experts

Only pros HVAC cleaner should service a dryer vent. Our all techs are well-trained and experienced. They use professional equipment to penetrate deep inside your dryer vent.

Diagnostic Testing

We run diagnostic tests to detect any leaks in your ventilation system and how gases flee it. Testing also reveal the pressure level inside your vents. All tests are certified and licensed.

Fair Fix Price

Our dryer vent cleaning charges depend on the exact cleaning packages and dryer vent length as it affects the time our technicians spend on your site completing their work.

Do you still doubt the need to clean your dryer vent? Then look at some facts about how a clogged dryer vent affects your safety, utility bills and the lifespan of your dryer and your clothing.
1 Gas Fumes: Clogged dryer vent increases the risk of poisoning by carbon monoxide. The blockages lower the vent’s ability to exhaust these dangerous gas fumes out of your dwelling, allowing it to linger dangerously in your home.
2 Higher Energy Bills: Your dryer energy efficiency greatly depends on its cleanliness. The larger the dirt build-ups scale on your dryer vent walls the less efficient your dryer is. To clarify, it takes more time to dry your clothing increasing your dryer energy consumption per drying cycle, causing your energy bills to increase.
3 Shorter Dryer Lifespan: Longer drying cycle due to clogged dryer vent results in extra wear and tear of your appliance. Measure the extra drying time in percentage to the normal cycle and you will find out how much clogged dryer vent reduces the unit lifespan.
4 Shorter Clothing Lifespan: Longer drying cycle also increases your clothing wear and tear and reduces your clothes lifespan as well. So, if you save money on dryer vent cleaning, you waste them on extra shopping.
5 Critters will nest: The lint build-ups make a dryer vent clap stay open all the time. It invites a lot of critters to get inside it to live in or to enter into your home.

Faire and laws

Dryers are a source of potential danger by itself. Clogged dryer vents increase the risk of fire. The National Fire Data Center (NFDC) annually reports more than fifteen thousand fires start where dryers are to blame. Clogged vents are found to be responsible in 80% of these fires. The NFDC also reports 15 US citizens get dead and more than 400 get injured because of fire started by clogged dryer vents.

US Fire Administration

Therefore, the United States Fire Administration (USFA) appeals to homeowners not to neglect their dryer vents. A good practice here is annual professional cleaning. Thus, your home will be fire and monoxide safe and you save money on your energy bills.
This recommendation is worth it if your dryer operates one or two times per week. However, the frequency of cleaning procedures must increase if you use your dryer more often.

Working process

First of all, our technician finds and removes your dryer vent cap to provide free access inside the vent. Then, he connects a high-powered vacuum to your dryer vent and inserts a snake brush inside the vent. After that, our tech switches on the vacuum to remove loose lint and other particles that block the vent.

Laundry Fire

Using the snake brush, he agitates all debris build up on the vent walls. The vacuum sucks all these agitated particles and remove them away. As vent bends and elbows are the places of extensive lint and debris accumulation, our technician pays extra attention and care to clean them properly.
In general, the vent length is about 5-40 feet. The key factors here are the location of a drying unit and outside venting site.

7 Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips
Here is a DIY guide where we share how to reduce lint build ups in your dryer vent:

  1. 1. Do not use too much fabric softener and dryer sheets. Firstly, a fabric softener, when used in excess, leaves oils and organics that are absorbed by some of your clothing. In turn, these clothing can inflame in the dryer. Secondly, dryer sheets leave residues that can easily become a cause of your dryer vent blockages.

  3. 2. Make at least 30-40 minute breaks between drying cycles. This prevents air flow restrictions that lead to lint build-ups.

  5. 3. Try not to overload a dryer or use it for large and heavy clothing. Instead, if possible, dry them on a line.

  7. 4. Do not forget to take lint away from your dryer vent whenever you can do this. It’s a good idea to vacuum them with your residential appliance when you see them around the outside of dryer vents.

  9. 5. Also, make it a rule to vacuum lint out of inner lint trap and wherever you can get inside your vent with your vacuum cleaner.

  11. 6. Always protect your outside ventilation opening with a cap. Ventilation caps are perfect accessories to prevent critters nestling in your drier vent and restricting airflow as well as generating garbage by their living there.

  13. 7. If you are aware of dryer operation principles and its construction, you may, from time to time, take apart your drier back and eradicate lint from it as well. Simply use your vacuum cleaner to rid of them.

Note: Make sure you switched off the unit and disconnect it from the mains and gas supply before you starting this action.

A Bit More DIY Steps

* The length of a dryer vent is not as great as completed ductwork. However, professional cleaning services are very useful to keep it in peak condition. Ask your company customer service advisor about the best cleaning schedule for your case.

* If you decide you are capable to complete proper dryer vent cleaning yourself, check twice when you are cleaning the right vent. The right one is the one attached to your dryer. Clean it thoroughly along the length and inside your dryer. Do not forget to switch your appliance off and disconnect it from the gas line and the mains first.

Affordable Dryer Vent Cleaning

* Typically, it takes no efforts and minimal knowledge to remove the access panel and eradicate all lint build-ups inside the unit. However, some models require a bit more knowledge and experience to complete the task.

* Still, a professional dryer vent cleaner is likely to be more experienced and trained. Hence, they are able to deal with every dryer brand and model quickly and efficiently, providing better cleaning results. In addition, you can rest assured they did it safely and correctly.