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Schedule air duct cleaning from Vanilla and you can feel comfortable knowing that the accumulation of dust, dirt and allergens has been cleaned from your air duct system.

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Do you know how much dirt, garbage, pet hairs, dandruff and other allergens settles inside your air duct? We recommend you to clean it regularly. Thus, you significantly enhance your home air quality. To clarify, if you keep it fresh and clean, you have it healthier.

6 Steps we complete while cleaning air ducts

Step (s) Act
1. We inspect all your air vents.
2. We connect your air duct to professional cleaning tools, a blower of high-power and vacuum and use HEPA filters
3. After that, we switch on the blower to drive all dust and other debris out of your air duct.
4. Together with the blower, we switch our vacuum. As we previously connected said vacuum hose to your duct system, the appliance now sucks the dirt the blower agitates.
5. The next step is vent cleaning.
6. At last, we demonstrate to you the results. You will see all the dirt we get out of the system.

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Before and After Duct Cleaning by Vanilla

Air around you affects your health. NADCA’s research about daily air re-circulation rate show air circulate into your house about 5-7 times per day. In short, dusty ductwork doesn’t make your indoor air healthy. On the contrary, while circulating, air catches extra dust and other allergens deposited on its walls, and you inhale them. That’s the most important reason to clean the air duct system.

NADCA | Air Duct Cleaning

Though purifying the air is essential for every family, it becomes even more crucial in following cases:

  • * There are pets in the house;

  • * At least one member of your family is smoking;

  • * You have recently renovated your house; or

  • * At least one member of your family has asthma or allergies.

The first three bullet points directly and negatively affect the indoor air quality (IAQ). In turn, it has a big influence on your health. Besides, the last bullet point is an important reason in itself why you should keep your IAQ at high level.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) immediate effects can be irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, headaches, dizziness and fatigue. These health effects are treatable and can go away. In cases with asthma and allergies, the symptoms may become more severe or agitated.

All bad air impacts on health can be divided into two main groups. The classification was firstly suggested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The first group includes immediate impacts. These are the feeling of headache and fatigue. If you feel your throat, nose, or eyes irritated, bad air is also to blame. Fortunately, these symptoms are temporary and disappear when you take some actions to treat them. However, in case with asthmatic or allergic family members, the effects are fiercer and long-lasting.

Environmental Protection Agency

The second group includes long-term health effects. For example, they are lung and other respiratory disorders. Cancer and heart disorders also threaten you in the long run if your IAQ is poor. Each of these disorders can weaken you or be lethal. Therefore, cleaning your ventilation system, you minimize the chances to experience one of those negative effects we mentioned above.

Important Facts About Air Duct Cleaning

Air always contains dust. Its density is even higher in the indoor air. If you look at your home air when it is alighted with sun rays, you will see a lot of dust floats in it. Besides, you, your family and your pets themselves generate a lot of dandruff, dirt and other allergens. They settle and accumulate on your air vent walls and partly get back to your house despite your good air filters, which capture most of them.

5 Common Indor Air Problems

If you neglect cleaning your air duct, pollutant build-ups become too excessive to prevent from their circulation back into your rooms. Thus, your HVAC system becomes less efficient and takes more time. Likewise, your heating and cooling bills are creeping up and you waste a lot of money.

In home estimates for Air Duct Cleaning

We use professional high powered suction equipment to complete the task. It perfectly dislodges all dirt deposit from your air vents. You can enjoy them and be dirt free and clear like their brand-new comrades. After our technicians complete their task, they restore your ducts, air con and furnace, leaving them well-fitted. If you wish to protect your air duct from dirt accumulation even further, ask our experts about air purifiers and decisions appropriate for your case.

Residential Air Duct Cleaning Service

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The mission of your ductwork is to provide you with comfort all year around. That is to say, it distributes warm or cool into your rooms. Accordingly to the EPA, dust and various tiny particles comprise the definition of particulate matter. The EPA’s researches show particulate matter includes not only dust, soil and metal particles, you can find nitrates, sulfates and other organic substances. The HVAC filters trap a good part of it. Still, you can cut at least twice the number of particulate matter in your indoor air by dislodging the dirt out of your vents. For example, look at the alighted air in your home to see how much of the particles float in it. In addition, inspect your HVAC filters to see how much of the dust they have already caught.

How Air Duct Cleaning affects HVAC Efficiency

A HVAC system is equipped with filters. Their mission is to catch the particle matter before they enter the duct. However, it can’t trap all dust and dirt contained in air. Therefore, there is a close relationship between the IAQ and the number of particles escapes the filter traps. In other words, the worse the air quality, the more dirt gets inside your duct. They accumulate there, decreasing the entire system’s efficiency. To clarify, it uses more energy and time to heat and cool your house.

Vanilla Clean helps to improve your HVAC efficiency and create a healthy climate due to thorough air duct cleaning. We remove all the particulate matter from your ductwork to stop them depleting your HVAC performance and poisoning your lungs.

FAQ Air Duct Cleaning

How can you Clean your Air Ducts?

We do not recommend you do any duct cleaning yourself. Without special equipment, you can damage your vents and the entire system. You also risk being injured and it can provide negative consequence for your health. Leave this cleaning task to pros. An air duct cleaning company has got all equipment and perfectly trained technicians to complete the work fast and efficiently.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean my Air Duct

Average air duct cleaning prices starts from $500. Your actually expenses depends on the size of your HVAC system. It means the more air ducts and HVAC units you have, the more you are likely to pay for cleaning services.

How to Find an Air Duct Cleaner Near Me?

If you are looking for a vetted and reliable air duct cleaner, visit our website to find those who are near you. Also, contact Vanilla Clean at 949 662-7153 to get our assistance.

Why Should i Clean My Air Ducts?

  1. 1. Air contains dust and other particles. They settle on the walls of the vent and accumulate. These dust build-ups clog your ventilation system. They also obstruct the evaporator coil, compressor, and other parts of your HVAC unit.

  3. 2. Airflow restriction caused by the build-ups makes it operate with extra efforts. Moreover, it takes more time to cool or heat your rooms. All this means your energy consumption increases.

  5. 3. By having the ductwork cleaned, you help maintain your HVAC system efficiency at its best level. Saving you a lot of money on your energy bills.

  7. 4. At last, keeping your vents clean helps to prolong the lifespan of your HVAC appliances as they operate in normal mode without extensive wear.

Does Vanilla Clean Provide Air Duct Cleaning at all its Locations?

No, we provide it only in certain areas. To know whether your area is included in our presence map, please, contact our customer service advisor at 949 662-7153.