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Qualified dryer vent cleaning service and repair in County of San Bernardino, California. Same day service. We have professionals in near areas.
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Vanilla Dryer Vent Cleaning Service is here to help! Our specialized brush and vacuum system will bring your dryer back to new and ensure shorter drying times.

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Have you ever noticed that your clothes are taking longer to dry? Or they’re coming out of the dryer smelling like mold? Perhaps you are running your clothes through more than one drying cycle, overheating your appliance and taxing your energy bill. All these symptoms point to one problem: your dryer vent needs cleaning!

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Approximate cost of solving problems

Problem Service price
Wet lint $129
Condensation $129
Bird nest removal $129
Fully clogged vent $189
Disconnected or broken vent $25

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Dryer vent cleaning charges depend on the exact cleaning packages and dryer vent length

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Only professional cleaner should service a dryer vent. Our all techs are well-trained and experienced

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We take pride in our work results and offer a warranty on all of you dryer vent cleaning

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The solution is easier than you think. But doing it right takes know-how and experience. We, at Vanilla Clean are the pros who know how to do it right. Our specialized brush and vacuum system loosens and removes microfiber build up that occurs over many years.

Vanilla’s professional cleaning service has been servicing the San Bernadino area for some time. We will save you time and money! And your clothes will come out dryer sooner and smelling fresh and clean, the way they are supposed to. Contact us now to set up a cleaning.

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We will discuss your issue and provide the soonest possible service to your home. Our prices are highly competitive with discounted offers available often. Check our website and book us now.
Instalation offer
The more you use your dryer, the more lint and fiber built up occurs deep in the vents of your dryer system. As a precautionary habit, you should clean out the vent basket that collects the immediate lint build up after every cycle. At company we have developed a unique brush and vacuum cleaning system that loosens microfibers making it easier to remove them. As a result, Vanilla Clean can offer a more thorough cleaning, one that will last, save your money and keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh again.