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Did you know that clothes dryers are to blame for over a dozen deaths and nearly $100m in property and structural damage every year in the United States? Your trusty home appliance can quickly turn into a death trap if proper care is not given to it. Our dryer vent cleaning service in of Riverside County aims to keep your dryer primed for use throughout the year.

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Problems with dryer vent and service cost

Problem Service price
Wet lint $129
Condensation $129
Bird nest removal $129
Fully clogged vent $189
Disconnected or broken vent $25

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We take pride in our work results and offer a warranty on all of our dryer vent cleaning

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Our Services

Vanilla Clean provides a comprehensive range of vent dryer cleaning and repair services. Our team is well equipped to rid your vents of whatever blockage has reduced its effectiveness. The following are some of the perks of our services:

Comprehensive Coverage

We offer routine or one-time dryer vent cleaning and maintenance, depending on your needs. Our repairmen have years of experience with a variety of dryer makes, and are more than capable of providing comprehensive servicing for your clothes dryer.

Latest Cleaning Tech

We employ only the newest equipment in the vent cleaning business—allowing us to perform deep vent cleaning. Cut costs when you utilize our service, as each servicing completely clears out the lint pileup.

Hands-on Services

Our years of experience while on the job has made us the service of choice for homeowners and businesses in Riverside. Our team is invested in providing only the highest quality services and follow-up customer care.

Affordable and Great Value for Money

Immersive vent cleaning increases the lifespan of your cloth dryer, actively saving your costs. Our services are also priced to provide more value for your money, compared to our competitors. As a local business, we also understand that the cost of maintaining household/industrial appliances can add up, so we deliver on quality.