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Professional dryer vent cleaning services in Santa Ana, California and nearby cities. Same day appointment. Use the coupon below.
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Bird nest removal $129
Wet lint $129
Disconnected or broken vent $39
Condensation $129
Fully clogged vent $189

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One of the most commonly used appliances in homes across the country is the dryer. The dryer provides you with a fast, effective way to dry your clothes, but when not properly maintained it can actually pose a hazard to you and your family.
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Dryer vents are the most important safety feature of your dryer since it is designed to expel all the hot air and lint that is the result of normal operation of your dryer. However, if it is not properly cleaned, it can heat the lint up and cause a housefire.

The best way to prevent a dryer lint fire is to engage in frequent dryer vent cleanings and ensure that the dryer vent is clear of debris.