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Disconnected or broken vent $25
Fully clogged vent $189
Bird nest removal $129
Condensation $129
Wet lint $129

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Adverse Reactions

Accumulated lint in the dryer vent can lead to several adverse reactions, including:

I. Slower Drying and Energy Wastage
II. Fires
III. Mounting Repair Costs
IV. Permanent Damage
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During the daily operation of your dryer, it naturally builds up several pounds of lint and a lot of hot air. The purpose of the dryer vent is to help ventilate these factors and make sure that they are safely removed from the home. However, as time goes on, the lint in your vent has a tendency to build up and become a fire hazard for your home.

What To Expect

Hundreds of families feel the negative effects and consequences of this happening, but it can be prevented. To prevent a dryer vent fire in your home, all that you need to do is hire a company to clean out the vent and make sure that there are no hazards present in your home that could cause a fire.