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To avoid fire, the best thing to do is get regular dryer vent cleaning services.

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If you are looking for a company to provide your home with reliable and safe dryer vent cleaning services, then our company is the right partner for you. We can diagnose your dryer vent and deploy a comprehensive cleaning plan that will keep your family safe and your dryer efficient.

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Wet lint $129
Bird nest removal $129
Condensation $129
Disconnected or broken vent $39
Fully clogged vent $199

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Accumulated lint in the dryer vent can lead to several adverse reactions, including:

I. Fires
II. Mounting Repair Costs
III. Slower Drying and Energy Wastage
IV. Permanent Damage
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Dryers are one of the most essential appliances in the home, and they provide you with an easy and efficient way to dry your clothes. However, they also present a potential safety risk when you don’t do all the necessary maintenance that you need.

One of the parts of your dryer that needs to be maintained regularly is the vent. The dryer vent’s purpose is to provide the dryer with a way to expel all the hot air and lint that builds up. If this is not done, then the dryer vent presents an actual fire hazard that could very negatively impact your family and put their safety at risk.