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In both residential and industrial settings, a dryer serves financial and practical purposes. Being able to quickly dry your laundry in the comfort of your own living space is unparalleled, and as such, the integrity of your dryer should be a top priority.

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Fully clogged vent $189
Disconnected or broken vent $39
Wet lint $129
Bird nest removal $129
Condensation $129

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Instances of damaged dryers, usually a result of clogged or damaged dryer vents, have led to the damaged property going into the millions of dollars and, in some cases, deaths as a result of fires.
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Vanilla Clean dryer vent services in Anaheim is focused on keeping your dryer in tiptop condition—and keeping your investments safe.

Routine maintenance checks will also help you spit and fix damages early, and keep every part of your dryer in good working condition.