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When you work with us, you can expect a high level of customer service, diligence, and quality work for your air duct cleaning or air duct repair in San Diego.

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Air conditioning and heating are two of the most fundamental services and appliances that we use in our home, but if we don’t properly maintain the equipment that is used to deliver them to us, we can be putting ourselves in a dangerous or costly situation.

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Service Price per duct
Sanitation $29
Cleaning $49
Installation $79
Minor repair $39
Deodorization $19
Register cleaning $29

Warranty Offered

We take pride in our work results and offer a warranty on all of our air duct service

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For your convenience, we are happy to accept your payment via credit card

Fair Fix Price

We charge by the air duct to ensure that you are receiving the best lower price

What To Expect

Air ducts are the routes that provide us with cool air conditioning so that we can live in comfort, but did you know that build-up in these ducts can actually pose a significant health risk that affects millions of people each year? When an air duct is not cleaned properly, the grime and dirt that builds up inside it can be cast out into the air that you breathe and affect all sorts of breathing and respiratory and over time, it can significantly impact your health. We aim to prevent that by providing the best air duct cleaning in San Diego.
Professional Duct Maintenance
We have been serving the residents of San Diego for quite some time now and in that time we have built a reputation as the most customer-centric and experienced HVAC maintenance and repair company in the area. So, when you work with our company, you can expect industry-leading work and top-notch customer service.
Proffesional duct maintenance

Why Work With Us?

We balance speed, affordability, and effectiveness when we work for our clients. That means that you don’t have to decide on one or some of those traits–you get them all. We have an effective cleaning process that allows us to ensure that your air quality is high and you are never putting yourself or your family at health risk simply by breathing the air that circulates in your home.