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Air ducts are basically air-garbage collectors. Anything and everything that goes through your home air system will gather and live in your air duct. That includes dirt, pieces of garbage, paper, pet hairs, dandruff, human follicles and loads of other allergens that settle and reside inside your air duct.

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Services cost

Service for duct Price
Cleaning $49
Repair $39
Sanitation $29
Deodorization $19
Installation $79

Profitable investment

Having your house air duct cleaned save you money on replacement parts in the future.

Health benefit

Removing harmful build-up from you air duct system will result in a cleaner, healthier home.

Fair price

Our cleaning company charge by the air duct to ensure that you are receiving the best possible price.

Why Work With Us?

We use a specialized broom and vacuum system that traps and removes all the dust build-up that has accumulated in your air ducts over many years. After inspection, we connect a high-powered vacuum and blower with HEPA filters and attached cleaning tools; we switch on the blower to drive all the dust and debris out of your air duct.
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Switching to the vacuum we then suck all of the remaining debris out of your air duct system. After that we clean the vents. And when all is said and done, we will show the results of our specialized cleaning system: a healthier, cleaner home.
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Our Tips

We recommend that you clean your air ducts regularly. When you clean your air ducts you significantly enhance your home air quality. Simply put, living with cleaner home air quality leads to a healthier life.