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Professional dryer vent cleaning services in Santa Ana, California and nearby cities. Same day service. Use the coupon below.
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Vanilla Clean is the preferred air duct service company for businesses and homes in Santa Ana and environs.

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Regular servicing of your air conditioning and heating systems will, in the long-run, save you a ton of money. Being able to detect faults and perform repairs before deterioration will prevent further breakdown and reduce the need to change parts or the entire system.

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Service Price per duct
Cleaning $49
Installation $79
Minor repair $39
Deodorization $49
Heater cleaning Free
Filter replacement Free

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The dangers of damaged or contaminated air ducts are to be taken seriously. Poor air duct servicing and maintenance leave you exposed to:

• Recurring Allergies
• Respiratory Diseases
• Dirt Build Up
• Damaged Vents
• Poor Circulation
• Molding

These conditions ranging from mild to potentially fatal, should be promptly addressed to improve your air quality and overall quality of life.
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