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All air always contains some portion of dust. In the indoor air, the density of dust is even higher, and when you look at your home when the sun is shining inside, you can even see floating dust all around. This dust is generated mainly by you and your family or pets, settling and accumulating inside the air vent walls.

Common Air Duct Problems

  • Leaks at furnace & filter slot and duct tape failure
  • Kinks in ductwork restricting airflow
  • Furniture blocking registers
  • Leaky duct connection
  • Fallen duct insulation
  • Return leaks
  • Supply leaks

Services Cost

Service Price per duct
Deodorization $49
Cleaning $49
Filter replacement Free
Furnace cleaning Free
Minor repair $39
Sanitation $29

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Dust and debris is partially vented back into the home, because even though you may have quality air filters in your HVAC system, it can’t capture every dust particle. Eventually, if the duct is full of dust, it takes more energy and more time to heat or cool the home, leading to poor efficiency and higher utility bills.

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With so much dust and debris that can settle in your air ducts, it’s important to schedule regular duct services.