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Inexpensive air duct cleaning and minor repair in Fountain Valley, California. 25 Years of experience. Protect your family. Book an appointment today! Use the coupon below.
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Due to the intricacies of the cleaning process and special equipment required to clean an air duct, it is not recommended to do so your self. Without having the proper tools and equipment, you might damage the vents further, as well as the entire system. In addition, there’s the threat of causing injury to yourself or directly inhaling the built-up dust and fibers.

Dirty air duct leave you exposed to:

  • Dirt Build Up
  • Molding
  • Poor Circulation
  • Recurring Allergies
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Damaged Vents

Air Duct Services Cost

Service Price per duct
Deodorization $49
Filter replacement Free
Decontamination $49
Installation $79
Minor repair $39
Heater cleaning Free
Cleaning $49
UV Light Installation $99

Your Safety

Our specialists are always wearing masks and gloves, which is important in during COVID-19

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The prices listed on the website are not final, just give us a call and request an additional discount

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You can pay for services in any way, and if you don't like our work, we will refund your money

How Can I Get Air Duct Service?

At Vanilla Clean, we undertake a thorough 6-step process when preparing to clean your air ducts. Our trained and experienced technicians will:

• Inspect all the air ducts in your home or facility


• Connect each air duct to professional, high-powered cleaning tools and vacuum tech, utilizing HEPA filters


• Use the blower to drive dust and debris from the air ducts


• Use the vacuum to further remove dirt from the blowers


• Clean the vents carefully


• Demonstrate the results to you – after all, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!


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