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Our air duct cleaning service is known as the best of its kind in the area and around California. That is because we go through a rigorous checklist and complete each step of the cleaning with care. We want you and your family to breathe safe, quality air so that you can relax and live your normal life and that comes through in our work.

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Service Price per duct
Minor repair $39
Cleaning $49
Deodorization $19
Sanitation $29
Installation $79
Register cleaning $29

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Your duct cleaning charges depend on the exact cleaning packages and air duct length

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We take pride in our work results and offer a warranty on all of our air duct cleaning

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Though you might not consider the importance of air quality in and around your home that often, it is a crucial part of living in a healthy environment and living the best quality of life possible. The air that we breathe plays a large part in how healthy our lungs are and over time, air ducts can become incredibly dirty.
Clean an Indoor Air Duct
When not properly maintained and cleaned, grim, dirt, and mildew can build up in an air duct. All of the air that gets pushed through the ducts goes right into the air that you breathe. This can lead to breathing conditions, allergies and other unpleasant effects that negatively impact your quality of life.
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What To Expect

As the best service for air duct cleaning in Los Angeles, we have high standards for our staff and each interaction that they have with our clients. Our technicians are highly trained in a variety of systems and know how to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Customer service and quality work is at the absolute core of our business.