How Much It Cost To Install A Dryer Vent?

The cost of installing a dryer vent depends on many factors, most notably whether or not the homeowner will do the work themselves or take the time to hire a licensed professional for installation. But what’s important is the need to have a dryer vent if you have a dryer in the home.

Dryer vents typically lead from the appliance to the outside, which funnels the warm air created by the dryer so it escapes the home. Without a vented unit, the moisture buildup can potentially create other issues, from mold to excessive heat, and of course, to spending more money on repairs or cooling bills.

When figuring out the costs for this vital home accessory, you’ll have to factor in the cost of the materials, from the vent itself to a vent kit that includes important installation items. Another major factor is the cost of labor if you’re going to hire a carpenter or handyman for installation of your dryer vent. Based on the possible complexity of this job, plus the ever-growing fire hazard potential, spending money on a professional installer is highly recommended.

What Is Needed To Install A Dryer Vent?

The first thing you need when installing a dryer vent is the necessary materials Of course this includes the dryer vent itself. A metal or PVC plastic dryer vent is recommended for safety (a new vent is preferable so as to not risk cracks or splits in the vent hose), and can cost around $30 on average for a metal vent and $15 for a plastic one, including the installation hardware and weatherproofing sealant for the wall.

As far as dryer hoses, most are expandable depending on the length needed to go from the appliance to the outside. However, the longer the hose, the higher the cost, although it’s still fairly inexpensive. Also, installing a new dryer hose may mean installing ductwork along with it, which could lead to higher costs and labor charges. Normally these costs would range from $5 to $20 and up at some retailers.

You’ll also require a dryer vent kit, which can cost between $10 and $30 based on brand name and quality. Nearly every good vent kit comes with a transition duct, clamps, and an indoor lint trap that can help prevent dryer fires and clothes damage. There’s also a price difference between standard vent kits which go for $12 – $25 or the slightly more inexpensive indoor kit, which can cost $20 in some settings. You’ll also need materials to possibly shore up the wall after the vent hole is created through it, which can be pricier based on what material your area is made of – stucco, brick, wood, or siding – and the difficulty of the material can present to the installer.

What If I Move or Replace My Clothes Dryer?

If you want to move your clothes dryer to another room, or to a different part of the laundry room, there’s a good chance you will also have to move the dryer vent, unless you have a longer dryer hose. To relocate a dryer, the walls may have to be closed and opened, incurring extra labor costs of nearly $200. If a dryer needs to be replaced, there’s the possibility of hiring an electrician to install a new outlet for the appliance, or a new gas line, depending on the type of dryer you purchase and the setup in your home.

The room of your home may also lead to extra costs when installing a dryer vent. Basement models or upstairs units can be more risky to work on, boosting the hourly billing. Many laundry rooms are on the first floor, or dryer units can be installed in kitchens, for an easier job and most likely more manageable to pay for.

Of course all labor charges are extra if you hire a professional serviceman to install your dryer vent, and could be higher depending on the amount of work required. But before you begin, realize that quality costs a little more, so shop around for the best repair shop. Safety and performance mean a lot and you don’t want to risk future damage to your home.

What’s My Total Cost for Dryer Vent Installation?

There are a handful of reputable sources out there that can give you excellent information on now much it will cost to install a dryer vent. Some websites provide reasonable estimates on possible costs in addition to other tips and research you should look into before starting. You can also find some step-by-step, DIY sites that will provide instructions on installing the vent yourself if you’re looking to save as much money as possible.

For a self-installation project, you can expect to spend somewhere between $150 and $200 for materials and possibly tools. To hire professional dryer vent installers, with extra labor costs and per-project billing, the costs could be approximately $250 to $500,. But by hiring professionals comes the assurance that you can rely on their talent and experience to do the job right and within your city’s safety guidelines.

Why Do You Need To Maintain Your Dryer Vent?

Every household in the country has the potential to experience issues with dryer vents. There are approximately 16,500 dryer fires each year, causing over 400 injuries and 15 deaths on average. For that reason alone, there’s a vital need to keep the dryer vent clean and free of debris to negate the risk of fires. Having a clogged dryer vent could also result in gas fumes, poor dryer performance, moldy odors, or even higher energy bills.

It’s best if you hire a professional HVAC cleaner to service your dryer vent, who will use the top equipment to go deep inside the vent for an extra-detailed clean. With a charge of around $60 – $70 on average, these experts are well worth the extra expense to ensure your dryer vent is clean and free from potential issues. The cleaning charges may depend on the length of the dryer vent, the amount of hours needed to complete the work, and the type of cleaning package offered. The experts at Vanilla Clean include some of the best service techs in California, servicing Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernadino, and Riverside. Who better to trust with your appliance, as well as your family’s well-being and your property’s safety.