Should I Clean Or Replace My Air Duct?

The choice to either clean or replace air ducts is often a hard choice that home owners usually encounter, this is because sometimes air ducts are become clogged with dirt and stop functioning. Here, the solution is often to clean the ducts, sometimes the air ducts become faulty because of rust and most of the time need replacing. These two scenarios become perplex most home owners on whether to replace the ducts or just clean them.
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Types of air ducts in your house that can show you whether to replace your air ducts or not.

Flexible air ducts are easy to install in homes and hence can be repaired easily. Therefore, if you know that in the future you may opt to the replacement of your air ducts rather than cleaning them, you should consider installing a flexible air duct system.
Rigid air duct systems on the other hand are more expensive and hard to install, thus you can opt to install this type of air duct when in the future you will prefer the cleaning of air ducts as opposed to their replacement. Basically, there are qualified professionals that are qualified to clean, install and replace air ducts, they are referred to as HVAC technicians.

Common problems your duct system

The Common problems that your air duct may encounter are dirt, garbage, pet hairs, dandruffs and other allergens. These issues may impact negatively on your health and that of your loved ones, thus it will be prudent for you to analyze and find out to what extent the issues have destroyed the air duct, so that you may make a decision to replace them or not. Therefore be replacing or cleaning your ducts you should put in mind certain considerations or factors.

Factors to consider before replacing or cleaning

One of those factors is age. Air ducts usually last for about 10-15 years before they start deteriorating. If you find that your air system is older than 15 years, you should hire a company like Vanilla to check it for your and consider replacing rather than cleaning it.
The second factor to consider is energy efficiency. If you find that your air duct has leaks then this will cause ineffective energy utilization which will increase higher energy bills. Consequently, this will cause your HVAC system to be strained in trying to heat or cool down. This problem therefore necessitates replacement rather than cleaning. Our company can deal with such a problem with ease.
Aside from energy consumption and age factors, the other factor that will guide your choice in whether to replace or clean your air duct will be based on how air is flowing from the duct system to the your house. In order to measure a proper airflow, you should contact a reputable HVAC company and schedule for a blower test. A blower test will discover if your duct is filled with dirt or hairs. This issue will require a thorough cleaning of the duct very soon. A replacement will not be necessary in this case because it may be more expensive.

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Signs of Dirty Air Ducts System

Main factor that may prompt you to make a decision to clean your air duct is the quality of air that you receive from your air duct. Poor indoor air quality may be caused by air ducts that are clogged with dust, gaping holes and tears in your ducts may cause dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and allergens to accumulate in your duct. These pollutants may cause breathing problems in your household. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your ducts thoroughly to avoid such problems. If the problem worsens you seek repairing services to fix the gaping holes.

Signs of Dirty Air Ducts System

One sign that your duct is dirty and needs cleaning is when it has a musty smell, this could be a smell signifying that there are mold and bacteria in your duct.
Also, noisy airflow or whistling coming from the air system can also be a sign that your duct is clogged and so needs cleaning. When you find that you are sneezing or any member of your household is having any allergies, you should be wary of your air duct. You should therefore make an effort to clean it.
When you find that you are sneezing or any member of your household is having any allergies, you should be wary of your duct system.


You should make sure that you regularly maintain your air duct by either cleaning it regularly or replacing broken parts when necessary.
Scope of work ranges from checking, deodorizing and purifying filter to dryer vent repair and installation. Pricing for air duct cleaning is only $49 per duct.